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CoHop is all about collaboration. We started off with the vision to be the pioneer in Asia Pacific to unite coworking spaces, in order to promote the energy and vitality of the startup arena.

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CoHop strives to boost the vibrancy of the global startup community. Harnessing the enthusiasm and like-minded support by coworking spaces of all sizes and niches, our first step has been to connect coworking spaces with entrepreneurs in Singapore.

Our mission is to provide on-the-go, driven entrepreneurs with a network of unique coworking spaces which are readily accessible. Each coworking space frequently boasts about their network and creative synergy between members. Now imagine yourself tapping on these multiple communities, yet developing a strong affinity with each coworking space.

Beyond spaces, CoHop offers a suite of support services to members in order to catalyze their business growth. These member benefits include support in areas such as marketing and event management, sponsorship, human resources as well as availability of a pool of potential mentors, venture capitalists and investors.

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