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  • Alacrity Capital

Alacrity means speed, joy & eagerness.We embody these personalities, and look for startups who share them.

Our brand's visual identity was carefully designed to reflect our culture.

Our brand mark, a tree, symbolises nurturing & growth--our approach towards startups in our portfolio. The widespread branches in various directions signify our diverse portfolio of startups. These startups, in turn, support other startups, creating a strong community and support system.

The tree trunk design is inspired by . In Mandarin, the word means 'from', signifying our emphasis on foundation. In addition, is made up of 2 . literally means person, in Mandarin, underscoring the importance of talent at Alacrity Capital.

The golden color scheme was selected to convey pride and happiness whilst enhancing the Oriental nuance of Alacrity Capital.

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